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I can see.

作品情報 Work Information

I can see.

作家情報 Artist Information

I can see.
Aira got influenced by a father who was a manga artist, and growing up in an environment with Japanese cartoons from a young age .

She went to an art college in Seoul and studied oil painting at university, but she took a leave of absence and studied dance while traveling overseas before she realized she had been enrolled at university for 7 years. She came to Japan in 2008 with her Japanese husband and started working on her works since 2012 .
Aira 's work was easy to fit into Japanese culture and blend there comfortably.This is due to the influence of hrs father, since she was touched by Japanese culture, like manga, from a young age.
Compared to Korean art education which emphasizes basic technique, Japan is said to have many artists freely expressing themselves without being bound by frames.Recently, she has been building a single worldview with more uniformity in her works.

She is an artist who can hope for rapid growth in the future aiming to becomes a bridge between Japan and Korea, and it is a good idea to buy her works which are still going for a cheap price.
What do not you think of having the first pieces of an artist with a lot of promise whose works always go well in the interior, no matter where you put them?

Title I can see.
Artist Aira
Sellng Price (Artwork) / 作品價格 JPY 200,000
Framing Price / 裝框費用 JPY 1,320
Tax / 消費稅 JPY 20,132
Total (include tax) /
總金額 (含稅)
JPY 221,452

作品仕様 Work Spec

Year of Creation / 創作年份
Edition / 版數
unique piece 
Signature / 簽名
Medium / 媒材
acrylic on wood panel 
Size (HxW) / 作品尺寸 (長x寬)
Condition / 作品保存狀態
Frame Specification / 畫框材質
Frame Size / 畫框尺寸
Shipping Time / 寄送天數
Notices / 備註
Item ID / 作品ID

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