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bank with mimosa

作品情報 Work Information


作家情報 Artist Information

Born in Tokyo in 1982. Lives and works in Ibaraki. Graduated with an MFA from Graduate School of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba in 2007. She is fascinated by things that have opposite two-sides, such as [far/near] [hard/soft] [interesting/frightening] where her creation starts. Using abstract forms such as dots, blurred paint and strokes of colors, she tries to let her paintings reach as far as possible from the starting points.

Solo Exhibitions
2017 “BankART Life V – Sightseeing, Under 35 Exhibition ‘Kotoe Oana / Shinichiro Koromo / Kaori Furuhashi’“ BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa, Japan
2016 “Shinyscapes” Gallery SAZA, Ibaraki, Japan
2016 “Kaori Furuhashi Solo Exhibition” Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo
2014 “Street Exhibition ‘Coffee & Art’ Vol.4 Kaori Furuhashi” restaurants in Mito city, Ibaraki, Japan
2014 “Protean Kid” Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo
2013 “Unraveling Mountain is Me” Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo etc.

Exhibitions and others
2019 “FACE 2019 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award Exhibiton” Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art, Tokyo
2018 “Shell Art Award Exhibition 2018” The National Art Center, Tokyo
2017 “Fudo no Matsuri” Hitachinokuni Soshagu Shrine, Ibaraki, Japan
2015 “NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2015” Former Hirozakari Brewery, Gunma, Japan
2014 “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (’13)
2012 “MOTHERS” Chateau 2F, Tokyo  
2011 “BankART Artist in Residence 2011” BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa, Japan 
2009 “Maebashi Art Competition Live 2009 Award-winning Works Exhibition” Maebashi Municipal Hall, Gunma, Japan
2008 “CAFE in Mito 2008” Central Mito city, Ibaraki, Japan etc.

2019 “FACE 2019 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award Exhibiton,” Excellent Work Award
2012 “The 27th Holbein Scholarship”
2009 “Maebashi Art Competition Live 2009,” Junji Ito Jury’s Special Award


Title bank with mimosa
Artist Kaori Furuhashi
Sellng Price (Artwork) / 作品價格 JPY 15,000
Framing Price / 裝框費用 JPY 840
Tax / 消費稅 JPY 1,584
Total (include tax) /
總金額 (含稅)
JPY 17,424

作品仕様 Work Spec

Year of Creation / 創作年份
Edition / 版數
unique piece 
Signature / 簽名
Medium / 媒材
Acrylic and Color Pencil on paper on panel 
Size (HxW) / 作品尺寸 (長x寬)
Condition / 作品保存狀態
Frame Specification / 畫框材質
Frame Size / 畫框尺寸
Shipping Time / 寄送天數
Notices / 備註
Item ID / 作品ID

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