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Chlamydomonas / 衣滴虫 3/4

作家情報 Artist Information

「絵の具を使い切りたかった」断片 - 第二進化形態
Cell Artist Ouma

Born in Tokyo, I am a trained veterinarian, and also studied pathology. I made my first foray into art by drawing pets that had passed away, and sending the paintings along with letters to the families. The families really enjoyed the paintings, which inspired me to find a way to heal without medicine. I started doing art in 2011, and in 2013, I had the first solo show. The motif of my work is cells. My aim is to create an opportunity for viewers to develop their healing abilities by using their senses to experience my art.

Bachelor of Veterinary Science 2003 Azabu University,Tokyo Apr 1997 - Mar 2003

As an ex-veterinary practitioner, I am seeking “an art as alternative treatment” with “cells” the main character in my creation, “Treatment” to me is not a thinking but keeping myself in the center of sensations and emotions and eliminating sufferings. The most painful experience in life is said for us to be separated by death from beloved ones. I think, by terminating death from the world, we could overcome this hardest suffering.
Overcoming death is achieved through changing “experience” by engaging with art works; overcoming suffering is attained by “returning all existences to the artist”. The both processes have in common “the abandoning of creation”. So many an artist have tried to return their works to the mass public, However, all such attempts have ended as mere advocacy of their manners of creation or as one-sided supplies of creation to the people. By defining all our activities as art, I return all the beings to the artist.
All the activities mean every act of ours including walking, breathing, even blinking; All the existences means every entity on earth including not only plants and animals but a particle of sand at the foot of a street plant.
The works of what is supposed to be created by me, being drastically transformed in the process, will eventually realized as something beyond my creation. We can encounter with our transitions from the past; but, the modern sciences are incapable of things coming from the future. Only art would enable us to meet the future. Through the works I will deliver to the world the ideas from two-century future as a traveller from two-century ago.

Title Chlamydomonas / 衣滴虫 3/4
Artist Ouma
Sellng Price (Artwork) / 作品價格 JPY 13,000
Framing Price / 裝框費用 JPY 840
Tax / 消費稅 JPY 1,384
Total (include tax) /
總金額 (含稅)
JPY 15,224

作品仕様 Work Spec

Year of Creation / 創作年份
Edition / 版數
unique piece 
Signature / 簽名
Medium / 媒材
Pen, acrylic on waste wood 
Size (HxW) / 作品尺寸 (長x寬)
Condition / 作品保存狀態
Frame Specification / 畫框材質
Frame Size / 畫框尺寸
Shipping Time / 寄送天數
Notices / 備註
Item ID / 作品ID

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