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Gold Fish

作家情報 Artist Information

Takanobu Kobayashi is regarded as one of the most influential contemporary Japanese painter. He was born in 1960 , Tokyo and graduated from the oil painting major of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts in 1986. After he stayed in Bangkok by scholarship of Bereau of Cultural Properties from 1996 to 1997, he has been working either in Bangkok or in Tokyo.
In the spring of 2004, Meguro Museum of Art held Kobayashiユs solo exhibition, titled "KOBAYASHI Takanobu - Endless Summer" including from his early submarine paintings to the latest works of the date; the "Sunbather" series. In the exhibition his unique sense of reality was highly evaluated from the public.
Kobayashi is constantly showing his works in Nishimura Gallery since 1996. The "Sunbather" series were first shown in his solo exhibition in October 2003, titled "On a Beach". In each of the paintings, a person lying in the sunshine is pictured, quietly and alone with his or her eyes closed, which is a depiction of a drifting spirit between real and unreal, or between life and death. The solo exhibition in the next year was presenting a series of his illustrations for 'A Rabbit and a Trumpet', which is the serial story by Kei Nakazawa in Komei newspaper. In his latest exhibition "Mono to Kokoro" in 2006, Kobayashi painted large faces and mysteriously but confidentially, had their eyes opened for the first time.
In 2007, he exhibited his works for the inaugural exhibition of Yokosuka Museum of Art, titled "IKIRU - Reality by 9 Artists", and from 2008 to 2010, He exhibits for "neoteny Japan -Takahashi collection-"(KIRISHIMA OPEN-AIR MUSEUM, Sapporo Artpark, The Ueno Royal Museum, and in addition, it goes around three museums). we believe that which may assure once again Kobayashi's consistent deep spirituality.

Selected Biography
1960 Born in Tokyo
1982-86 Studied at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts
1996-97 Stayed in Bangkok, Thailand for one year by scholarship of Bureau of Cultural Properties
1998 Stayed in Lot-et-Garonne, France by Japan Art Scope '98
1999- Lives and works in Bangkok, Chiangmai, and Tokyo

Title Gold Fish
Artist Takanobu Kobayashi
Sellng Price (Artwork) / 作品價格 JPY 85,000
Framing Price / 裝框費用 JPY 8,400
Tax / 消費稅 JPY 9,340
Total (include tax) /
總金額 (含稅)
JPY 102,740

作品仕様 Work Spec

Year of Creation / 創作年份
Edition / 版數
Signature / 簽名
Medium / 媒材
Size (HxW) / 作品尺寸 (長x寬)
Condition / 作品保存狀態
Frame Specification / 畫框材質
Frame Size / 畫框尺寸
Shipping Time / 寄送天數
Notices / 備註
Item ID / 作品ID

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