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Oct 25 1982

作家情報 Artist Information

Born in Pittsburgh, Paul is an American artist lives in Brooklyn and recently moved his studio to Queens, NY.
He received BA in Studio Art from University of Pittsburgh (PA, 1993), and MFA in Painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (NY, 1995).
He has held solo exhibitions at Lodge Gallery in VOLTA, NY in 2016, and at Dvorak Sec Contemporary, Prague, Czech Republic in 2010.
Paul participated in more than 50 group shows in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Paris, Prague, and Tokyo. Also, he joined two shows, which Kyoko Sato curated in New York in 2014.

Title Oct 25 1982
Artist Paul Brainard
Sellng Price (Artwork) / 作品價格 JPY 171,000
Framing Price / 裝框費用 JPY 13,440
Tax / 消費稅 JPY 18,444
Total (include tax) /
總金額 (含稅)
JPY 202,884

作品仕様 Work Spec

Year of Creation / 創作年份
Edition / 版數
unique piece 
Signature / 簽名
Medium / 媒材
pencil on paper 
Size (HxW) / 作品尺寸 (長x寬)
Condition / 作品保存狀態
Frame Specification / 畫框材質
Frame Size / 畫框尺寸
Shipping Time / 寄送天數
Notices / 備註
Item ID / 作品ID

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